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Data is the new gold and data scientists are the new gold miners. The average salary for a Data Scientist is $120k per year. Learn the skills you need for the hottest job of our time. This 12-week hands-on course will take you on an end-to-end journey to a career in data science. It is intended for those who have some knowledge of Data Analytics or those who have taken our Intro to Data Analytics course. Get started by filling out an application today!


In our Bellevue Data Science course, you will receive an overview of the various jobs in data and where data science stands in today’s job market. You will learn relevant statistics, some machine learning, how to acquire data from various sources, how to visualize data in meaningful ways, how to do exploratory analysis to understand the data and its quality, how to perform classification of data, how to predict/forecast what may happen in the future, how to optimize decision making, and how to tell an impactful data story. You will also receive tips on advancing your career in the data science field. We will assist you with your resume, prepare you for interviews, and assist you in your job search process by submitting your resume to our partners. We will also show you how to maximize your odds of landing a job by providing guidance on your own job search so you are able to advance your career in the future.

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IntroductionOverview and Tools of the tradeIntroduction to Analytics
Analytics in Decision Making
Maturity model Setup with tools. Introduction to Python Demo & Lab


Data Acquisition, Data ProfilingSources of Data
Data Types
Data storage and Acquisition
Data Quality Framework
Data Profiling, Continue learning Python, Introduction to Azure ML, Demo & Lab
DescriptiveVisualizationIntroduction to visualization
Tools & Techniques for Visualization
Demo using Power BI & Lab
Descriptive +
Exploratory Analysis

Introduction to Statistics

Univariate & Bivariate Distributions

Probability Distributions

Demo & Lab

DescriptiveExploratory Analysis

Introduction to Real-Time Stream Analytics

Demo & Lab: Creating end to end stream analytics pipeline and visualization

PredictiveSimple Linear RegressionIntroduction to Regression
Model Development
Model Validation
Demo using Excel & Python & Lab
PredictiveMultiple Linear RegressionMultiple Linear Regression
Estimation of Regression Parameters and Model Diagnostics
Dummy, Derived & Interaction Variables
Model Deployment
Demo using Python & Lab
PredictiveLogistic RegressionLogistic Regression
Estimation of Parameters and Model Diagnostics
Logistic Model Deployment
Demo using Python & Lab

Decision Tree

Support Vector Machine

Neural Network

Introduction to Decision Trees
Classification and Regression Tree (CART)
Naive Bayes Classification Support Vector Machine
Neural Network Demo & Lab

Unsupervised learning

Ensemble Methods

K-Means Clustering

Bootstrapping, Bagging

Random Forests

Demo & Lab

PredictiveForecasting and Time series AnalysisForecasting
Time Series Analysis
Auto-regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA)
Forecasting Accuracy, Demo & Lab

Optimization, Simulation

Next Step

Introduction to Linear/Integer/Network model
Demo of Linear/Integer/Network Model Building
Introduction to Simulation
Demo & Lab Discussion of resources available & Next step forward

Anwar Hossain is an enterprise architect and data scientist who currently works at Funko. Anwar has been an instructor with Skillspire since September 2017.

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Sept. 26th, 2019

Thursdays 6 – 9pm

330 112th Ave NE, Ste 302

Bellevue, WA 98004