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Lisa Stiffler at featured SkillSpire in her Startup Spotlight column on July 9th!

Startup Spotlight: Skillspire helps immigrants build tech skills in a supportive environment

Many immigrants end up driving for ride-sharing companies, working low-paying jobs in health services and performing other physical tasks — even when they have computer skills from their home countries or U.S. tech programs. So Ali has been reaching out to Latino, African American, East African and Muslim community and religious organizations to find students eager to transition to tech careers.

Ali is herself an immigrant, moving to the U.S. from India nearly 30 years ago. She has [a] degree in computer science and worked for Boeing and startup companies.

“I wanted to bring to light that these people have struggled their whole lives and have reached [the U.S] and they are willing to do anything to make a good life for themselves and their families. They are so hard working and very loyal,” Ali said. She is troubled by the anti-immigrant messages and policies that are increasingly prevalent in the U.S. “Given this political climate, that is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to focus on this particular area. It is very near to my heart.”


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