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Amazon is hiring more than 30,000 people next year

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Nearly a third of the top 25 jobs in the US are tech positions

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Demand for data scientists has grown by 344% since 2013

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Are held by women. The tech industry demands more women and diversity in technical positions

Courses that meet industry demand

We continuously keep abreast of the demand in the high tech sector to offer relevant training
tech company demand hiring now java and cloud

java & cloud computing

Learn JAVA and how to use Amazon Web Services to manage and store app data.

Fullstack Web Development - Python

Learn to build large, scalable web apps using Python in
just 16 weeks.

tech company demand hiring now full stack coding school

FullStack Web Development - Mern

Learn how to build your own web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks in just 16 weeks.

learn cybersecurity coding school


Learn the OWASP top 10 most common vulnerabilities in web applications.

learn data analytics bootcamp

Advanced Data Analytics

Learn to build large, scalable web apps using Python in just 16 weeks.

learn data analytics bootcamp


Learn data visualization and how to tell a story using Excel, SQL, and PowerBI.

12-16 Weeks

Hit the ground running in just 12-16 weeks with training, certificate, resume assistance, interview preparation, and mentorship.

Average Salary

The average salary of a Full Stack Web Developer in Seattle, WA is $100k/year. The average salary of a Data Scientist is $120k/year.

Financial Assistance

Skillspire is committed to assisting low-income individuals boost their quality of life. Contact Us for more information regarding options.

Robert Rizo

"I want to begin by saying that changing industries in to tech is difficult but very rewarding; Skillspire made something that looked impossible and foreign easy by making it a step by step process that encouraged learning by having a very accessible instructor who while providing you with all the tools you need will let you work your own way to the solution. I saw people who have never even gone to a school course computing start coding using the tools every other professional in full stack tech jobs use in just a couple of class days. I learned because the instructor gives you all the materials you need and a way to communicate via email and other tech, but this is a course you must study for and make time (maybe 30 minutes a day, or an hour) on your own out of class to really stay on top. I would recommend this bootcamp to my own family and friends because it is very much worth it, and it lead to me actually finding employment while enrolled."